Interested in Becoming a Board Member?


The ESAA is currently taking applications for new board members.  If you are someone you know may be interested please visit the Board Documents Resource Page for the application and commitment documents.

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  1. J Thomas "Tom" Wojtowick says:

    Greetings:  attended you last teleconference 25 Nov 2014 with Fergus County Commissioner Carl Seistad and member Jo Shipman.  They have asked me to become part of this concern.  I have downloaded application, committment and by-laws.  Will complete and return soon.

    Many thanks for your good work.  Tom Wojtowick


  2. Janette Warner says:

    Hello Tom,
    My name is Janette Warner and I am a representative for NAMI-Lewistown. Marie Jackson has asked that I contact you about replacing her on the board as she will be leaving us and moving back to Detroit, MI at the end of the month. I can not remember at this time if I have filled out an application to serve on the board or not. Please let me know if I haven’t and I will get one filled out and sent back. I can be contacted either by email at or by phone at (406)350-0937

    Thank You for your help
    Janette Warner

    • esaamt says:


      I am the webmaster for the site. I have forwarded your message on to the individual I work with on the board.

      Angela De Haan-Lovaas

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