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President Barb Mettler
Vice President Brent Morris
Fiduciary Agent Valley County
Secretary Bruce Peterson

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Executive Members

President ESAA

Barbara Mettler
Billings, MT

Barbara Mettler has 31 years of Community Mental Health Center work in Colorado.  She recently moved to Billings in November of 2012 were she is currently the Executive Director.  She volunteers for the Suicide Prevention of Yellowstone County and has accumulated many years of Suicide Prevention work in Colorado, including the Chair of the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado, Vice Chair of the Suicide Prevention groups in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO.  Currently Barbara attends the LAC meetings in Roundup, Red Lodge, Lewistown, Billings, Columbus, Big Timber and Hardin.

Barbara has a Master’s Degree in Guidance & Counseling.  She has an adult son who lives in Aurora, CO., loves to ballroom and country dance, is an avid reader, and her passion is community mental health.

Vice President

Brent Morris
Billings, MT

Brent Morris is a native of Billings, MT and currently lives in Billings with his wife of 23 years and dog Bailey. Brent attended country school grades 1st through 8th, and followed graduating from Billings West High in 1985. Brent was a student at Eastern Montana College for 2 years, concentrating on addiction, mental health, and gerontology.

Brent’s work history is filled with 12 years retail, 5 years auto dismantler, 5 years construction labor, 10 years human services. Brent is currently working at Living Independently for Today and Tomorrow, LIFTT, as a Peer/Transitions Coordinator. Brent had the role as a Care Coordinator for 2 years with SAMHSA, Access to Recovery, ATR grant. The grant was managed by the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders, providing addiction and mental health recovery supports to Tribes in Montana and Wyoming.

Brent has been involved in the Yellowstone County LAC since 2008, ESAA Board of Directors for 2 years, Montana’s Peer Network Board of Directors and a past member of Disability Rights Montana Board of Directors. Brent is also involved with Montana Association for the Blind and National Federation for the Blind.

Brent’s life is driven by his recovery, living with a genetic, progressive eye disease and a charge of vehicular manslaughter results from DUI of alcohol. Brent has a passion for giving Peer support and being an advocate to empower others to live the life they choose. Brent understands suicide, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse from lived experience.

Brent enjoys working on old cars, lifting weights, and walks on the beach. Brent’s life is completed by a relationship with God which makes coping with each day’s battles possible. Yes, there is hope!

Brent Morris
Billings, MT

Fiduciary Agent

Valley County

Secretary ESAA
Bruce Peterson

Board Members

Bill Hodges
Hardin, MT

Brenda Kneeland
Miles City, MT

Brenda is the CEO at Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center.  Prior to her employment with EMCMHC, she worked in private practice as well as for the Montana Department of Corrections at Pine Hills where she provided therapy and oversaw the facility’s treatment programs.

Brenda serves on the Advisory Board for the North Eastern Montana Area Health Education Center, the board for the Custer Network against Domestic Abuse, board member for the Eastern Service Area Authority on mental health, and attends the Miles City Local Advisory Council meetings.  Brenda has a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Licensed Addictions Counselor, and is an EMDR trained therapist.  She enjoys running, traveling, and spending time with her family.  She and her husband Aaron have two adult sons.

Bobbie Limberhand
Lame Deer, MT

Cindy McCaffree
Roundup, MT

Lawrence B.G. Rhone,
US Army DAV,
OGC Accredited,
Veteran’s Advocate
Scobey, MT

I am a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina.  I currently reside on our farm in Flaxville Montana (northeast corner of Montana). We transplanted to this region in 2013.

I am the owner of Rhone’s Farm & Retreat LLC (since 2016), a veteran’s solution resource in transitioning from active service to civilian life.  We work with the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), to provide mentorship for former service members (Warriors) in navigating their transition from the battlefield or active service, to a farm or ranch setting.

I am also the founder of Rhone’s Warrior & Community Resources (nonprofit) founded in January of 2018.  This entity serves as a Warrior and Community resource in navigating all phases of life events, through advocacy, coaching, support in farm & ranch activities, and education on topics of various community and government services.   Our specific area of concentration is Veteran’s Advocacy.

I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s in social work (two semesters remaining) and will continue, to a Masters in that same field to become a counselor, through Brescia University of Kentucky (non-traditional student).  I am an Office of General Counsel accredited Claims Representative, and a member of the National Organization of Veteran’s Advocates (NOVA).  I am a Defense Language Institute Certified Translator (German).  I am a United States Army Veteran (1980 to 1991).

My life story is one that is diverse in nature and has afforded me a tremendous capacity to empathize with numerous cultural backgrounds, in numerous geographic locations.  I have had the opportunity to experience the different social layers that exist in the United States, Germany (26 years), Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, France, and Great Britain, as a civilian. The capacity I have acquired provides me with unique insight on how fortunate we are to live in the State of Montana and this great country, the United States of America. My passion is serving my community. Specifically, I seek to serve the Veterans from every generation, in navigating the process of accessing their earned Veteran’s Administration benefits through active “boots on the ground outreach”.  Educating my community on this select group of individuals and developing innovative solutions on how to implement them is our mission.  The cornerstone of every single part of what I strive to achieve in serving, is “Suicide Prevention through Engagement and Advocacy”.

My experience with Mental health has been hands on, starting with the diagnosis of my younger brother as a paranoid schizophrenic with manic episodes in 1998, culminating in his death in July of 2015.  I have also advocated for and mentored several armed forces brothers, and one sister, as they navigated similar circumstance.  These experiences have afforded me increased capacity to empathize with family members and professionals in handling the challenges that one is confronted with in finding treatment, healthcare, counseling, and everyday routine life solutions.

John Ronneberg
Big Timber, MT

Bobbie Becker
Glendive, MT

Bobbie BeckerHello my name is Bobbie Becker and I live in Glendive Montana. I graduated from Dawson County High School (DCHS) in 1989 and attended Dawson Community College. I have two sons; Stephen lives in Missoula and Micah is a senior at DCHS and is getting ready to graduate in May.

Many people don’t know I have anxiety; I take medicine and use coping and grounding skills daily. I need people to understand it is very, very real and we need less criticism and judgment and more love and support. I’ve learned that recovery is about becoming better equipped to deal with setbacks. There’s no such thing as “fixed” or “all better now.” It’s a daily struggle so I have learned in my recovery to create a healing environment through yoga, essentials oils, candles, smudging and meditation which helps me bring a sense of peace, hope and joy to my life.

That is why I am very passionate about peer supports and recovery. I have worked at Living Independently for Today and Tomorrow (LIFTT) for the past 14 years. I help people of all ages and disabilities know their rights and responsibilities while helping them learn how to access services and resources available to them. I participate and provide input at the Glendive Advisory Council and sit on the Eastern Service Area Authority Board to provide a consumer voice and perspective on ways to improve our public mental health services, identify gaps and help reduce the stigma surrounding mental and substance use disorders.

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”  ~ Maya Angelou

Kristy Mobley
Broadus, MT

Karalee Mulkey
Broadus, MT

Janice Reichelt
Malta, MT

Janette Warner
Lewistown, MT

I moved to Montana in 2012 to be closer to my grandchildren and to make a new start for myself (I suffered from suicide ideation). I became involved with NAMI when I lost my daughter to suicide Oct. 14th 2014, 3 days before her 34th birthday.

I have over 40 year’s life experience with trauma and mental illness. I myself am a long time sufferer of Major Depressive Disorder. I can say that it has taken me a very long time to move on to recovery and begin to help others like me.

I am looking forward to helping others in my community I have learned that it is easier to help educate my community on mental health issues and the stigma that comes with it, than do nothing at all. We have the highest rate of suicide. I want to help reduce that number.

Bruce Peterson
Valley County, MT