Purpose of the Eastern Service Area Authority (ESAA)

The purpose of the ESAA is to collaborate with the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) and to assist in the management of public mental health care. The ESAA’s primary purpose is to ensure that consumers of public mental health care, their families and other interested community stakeholders may actively collaborate with the State of Montana in defining, developing, managing and monitoring the systems of public mental health care.

Objectives of the ESAA

The objective of the ESAA is to ensure that consumer’s needs and preferences are at the center of the services provided.

Principles of the ESAA

This consumer and family driven process is based on these principles:

    • Services and treatments must be consumer and family centered, geared to give individual consumers’ real and meaningful choices about their treatment options and the providers of those options. These would be options not simply oriented to the requirements of bureaucracies.
    • The ESAA process is developed to give consumers and their families a much greater voice in managing the funding for their services, treatments and supports. This design gives consumers a vested economic interest in using resources.
    • Care must focus on increasing individual consumer’s ability to successfully cope with life’s challenges on facilitating recovery, meeting basic needs and building resilience.
    • Overall the ESAA process will ensure a consumer-centered, recovery oriented mental health system in Montana that provides every individual consumer served in the public mental health system a greater voice in the system that serves them.

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